The anniversary of the Czech Republic in Prague

The anniversary of the Czech Republic in Prague

The Czech Republic celebrates its 100th anniversary. And not only that. The „eighth“ years are very important historical moments for the whole Czech Republic, which, of course, influence both the present and the present form of the republic. Not only in 1918, but also in 1938, 1948 and 1968. Prague, as the capital city of course, organizes many events to celebrate the founding of independent Czechoslovakia. At the Imperial Stables you can see the exhibition of the Labyrinth of the History of Czech Lands. This exhibition is part of an exhibition project. Founded in 1918, the National Museum is preparing for this anniversary the Czech-Slovak exhibition, where you can also see the original Munich agreement. The National Theater celebrates the production of Libuše by Bedřich Smetana. So you have a reason to visit Prague. Capital of Czech Republic. On our website, we regularly give you tips on what to see and discover in Prague. Check out the best places to visit. Get inspired. Whether you are admirers of architecture, or just like to travel and discover foreign countries and cities, you can find everything in Prague. From history, contemporary art and underground to gourmet experiences in renowned restaurants. Here you can find information, what to do in Prague and what to see in Prague, and the extraordinary experiences you can experience here are not just the top 10 things to do in Prague.


Prague untraditionally

If you come to Prague, you do not have to check out only the best places to visit, which is recommended by the vast majority of guides. Of course, these sights and places are beautiful, but certainly not all Prague can offer you.

An interesting project is Pragulic. During the tours organized under this project, people who have spent part of their lives on the street will guide you through Prague. And literally even those people deserve a new chance. In addition, they can show you from other angles in Prague and see the underworld of this city.  Or are you interested in fairy tales, fables and myths? Prague has been associated with such stories. At the Ghostly Prague portal you can book a journey through Prague, which will be accompanied by all sorts of scary stories that link to the localities. If you have children, choose from guided tours especially for children so that you and them will not be afraid.   There are guided tour guides in Prague to arrange sightseeing tours of Prague for visually impaired people. Tours are tailored to suit your needs and needs. If you are not interested in anything above, we have tips for you what to do in Prague and what to see in Prague from us:

 1.       Divoká Šárka. You can admire the rocks of the Šárka valley or visit the picturesque swimming pool with damn cold water. At the Džbán you can try water ski or wakeboard. However, you will most likely need a reservation for this fun.

2.       Prague Náplavka. The pier, where it really lives in recent years. From the National Theater to Vyšehrad. You can stop in one of the many cafés and wine bars, or also have a delicious ice cream at Puro Gelato on Výtoň.

3.       Petřín. It is not just a park for lovers, but a certain amount of romance can be found here. You can get off the cable car and climb to the top of Petrin Tower. You can see Prague from a bird’s eye view and then enjoy a pleasant walk through the adjacent park and gardens.

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